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c.e.s.a. STANDS FOR

diversity | creativity | acceptance | development | sustainability




Economic, political, societal and technological matters are transforming our lives.

The way we live, think, feel, act, is shifting.

The way we ‘work’ is converting.


Consequently, 21st century skills emerged and were defined to demarcate new ways to cope with an ever-changing personal and work life, and to balance those.  


The way we live &


work is changing...


what is seemingly not keeping up with the change is a nowadays increasingly often criticised education system.


Whereas, there are attempts and successful examples on a new system and better said approach for education, the general approach to education is still rigid and often does not serve human kind positively. 

are you living



merely surviving?

what about our


education system?

There is a gap in between what its ‘out there’ and what ‘we are producing’.


Accordingly, there is a lack of action in how we prepare current and new generations to not only adapt and ‘survive’ this ever-changing circle of life, but to enjoy it truly, while living up to their own purpose and true potential, whilst remaining sustainable from both a personal and a career perspective.



Scholarly studies and market researches prove that this is still an ongoing challenge.


Google it! Use one of your 21st century skills

if you are still doubting...


type of knowledge matters!


ART IS JUST eh..."

a focus

The aim of CESA is to contribute to the world of art, the art world with a proposed, innovative education system that serves people within the artistic / creative field with new insights, (theoretical and practical) information.

CESA's approach, eventually aims to contribute to more sustainable individual creatives which in turn will collectively result in a maintainable artistic world with a workable system that supports both the artists / creatives, the related fields and its workers and external stakeholders such as a broad range of audiences. 

a vision

Realising that change can happen often at the grassroots,

that again can also start at the sidelines of any embedded

(yet inefficient) system, at the center of Europe, Hungary,

a group of individuals are establishing a unique ‘space’ where positive change and growth can take place.


A ‘space’ where individual and collective growth processes

are being facilitated and organized, contributing to a more conscious, aware, fulfilled and sustainable collectivity. 

CESA is part of this ‘space’, the bigger whole.

CESA concentrates on a specific field and focuses specifically on the artistic creative sector and its stakeholders who are - as times are changing- increasingly challenged by a materialistic world...



From a specialized to a fusion approach, 

CESA offers an artistic education with international guest teachers, 

organisations and artistic companies.

By being aware and/or incorporating different genres within an art form, the resident artist will not only become inherently more open towards the endless possibilities that the personal development and artistic creativity can offer, but will also be provided with skills that make it possible to capitalize on, and to create art that can also(!) attract a less segmented part of society. This growth will contribute to the long-term sustainability of artists and art itself…

’Art is for everyone!’





Cultural and Social sciences, such as Cultural Economics-, Cultural Sociology, Management Studies, Communication Sciences, Positive Psychology and understanding

the process and implementation of

cultural policy-making for instance, can present the participant with new perspectives.


Based on an artistic yet also theoretical education the future trendsetter artist can, on the one hand, get more inspiration to create art that has relevance to society. On the other hand a solid theoretical backbone, can add to the toolkit of the artist that makes it easier to navigate between (side) jobs (when needed), and can contribute to a more flexible and broader range of possibilities with regard to a (non-artistic yet creative) career after (or during) the artistic profession.


In addition –on the long-term-, having more (firsthand) experts in positions that the cultural and creative sector is depending on (policy-making, management roles etc.) can only benefit the arts sector on the long term.  

are you living



merely surviving?





‘take initiative’, ‘creative problem solving skills’, 

'self-management' and ‘getting things done’, 

are just a few key phrases of the multifaceted aspects of an entrepreneurial attitude. 


These skills are nowadays indispensable, especially when considering the economically challenging cultural & creative sector and thus the artists. 


This way, the artistic and theoretical skills in combination with the enhancement of an entrepreneurial mind are extremely important

–if not crucial- for the survival for 

the new generation (trendsetter) artists / creatives. 

Creative & Social Entrepreneurship are at the focus.


type of knowledge matters!

a mission

The establishment of a new generation 

of multi skilled artists with a healthy dose of entrepreneurial and theoretical skills:


Making it possible for new trendsetter artists / creatives, to not only easily navigate and survive within a challenging (art) world climate (e.g. skilled for different jobs within the creative sector) but to enhance the sustainability of different art forms that are facing current day (economic/ sociologic/ artistic) challenges.


The democratization of art genres 

from the roots:


An arts educational system that allows to not only break down the boundaries of high-, and lowbrow (popular) art genres, but which – by educating a new generation of trendsetting artistic performers, creators and related labor force, tapping into different genres and types of knowledge - also enhances the participation of (new) audiences in a world, where art is seemingly losing its (intangible) value. 

for who?

CESA welcomes individuals from all over the world with an ambition within

the artistic / creative field, with an aim to develop the artistic, theoretical and entrepreneurial talents or take those skills to the next level.


CESA works with a broad range of network of inspirational teachers

(creators, entrepreneurs and scientists) with an international, open-minded and multi-skilled mindset.


Give your education and career a boost and APPLY for a program at CESA!

cesa network

CESA aims to broaden its already existing international network of students, teachers, creators, directors, managers, cultural scientists, cultural entrepreneurs, art schools, in order to enhance the information and knowledge exchange between and for the artistic field. 


ART IS JUST eh..."

how & what?

By offering shorter (few days to 3 week) and longer (1 month to 3 months- e.g. BA & MA & post graduate level-) certificate programs 

​–through their multifaceted, yet focused characteristic – CESA aims to contribute to the (further) development of the ARTISTIC, THEORETICAL and ENTREPRENEURIAL skills of an individual artist  & related labor force.

The Central European School of Arts as the name also suggests, is located 

at the heart of Europe: Budapest, and in more specific: at the heart chakra of the earth: at the Pilis Mountains - merely 35km from Budapest. 

The specific mountain / forest location provides a restful place to explore and facilitate growth, with an idealistic proximity of Budapest. In addition, until the forest location can facilitate all activities (is being built), CESA partners with Budapest downtown locations to realise its programs.

The city has been honored by UNESCO as one of the world’s most creative cities, and offers a broad range of possibilities both with regard to filling a gap of a new artistic education and for a creative yet not yet fully utilized scene 

of artistic activities for both artists and audiences. 

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